MN Commerce Commission lays out next steps for pipeline approval


Next Steps in Process 

  1. Minnesotans will have the opportunity to offer input on the proposed Line 3 project during a public comment period this fall, including a series of public hearings presided over by an administrative law judge (ALJ) from the Office of Administrative Hearings.  DONE

At the public hearings, the public will be able to submit comments, present evidence and ask questions about the proposed project. A formal notice of the public comment period, with hearing dates and locations, is posted on the PUC website.

2. In November [2017], the ALJ will also hold an evidentiary hearing in Saint Paul for testimony and cross examination of witnesses by the official parties to the proceeding.  DONE

[Ed note: The above public hearings have already been held.]

3. After these hearings, the ALJ will submit a report to the PUC with findings of facts, conclusions of law and recommendations about issuing a certificate of need and a route permit for the proposed project.

4.To issue the certificate of need, the PUC determines if the project is in the state’s best interest.

5. If the PUC grants the certificate of need, it then determines the most appropriate route for the project.

Based on its current schedule, the PUC is expected to decide on Enbridge’s certificate of need and route permit applications in the spring of 2018. [Ed. Note: This will be the “big” decision.]

Enbridge is also required to secure other permits from federal and state entities, as well as approvals from various tribal and local entities for activities, related to constructing and operating the project.