MN DNR has new permit system for transport of invasive species

NEW DNR REGULATIONS issued September 20, 2012

     DNR develops special one-way pass, affects boat and cabin owners
The Minnesota DNR announced that permits are now required for activities involving transport of invasive species on public roads.

If you are moving boats and lifts that are contaminated with invasive species on a public road , or even taking a trailer with aquatic vegetation of any kind to a landfill, read the following.

    You must have this signed permit, available for inspection, with you as you transport the boat.

    There is no cost and the permit is immediately available on the DNR website. Link below.

    The owner prints it, signs it, and then carries it during the transport process to show to show if  stopped.

Examples of situations where a permit will be needed:

 1.    An owner has a boat that has zebra mussels on it.  After trying to remove as much as possible he can take it on a public road to a place for removal of the zebra mussels, and then after it is clean can take it to a place for storage.

 2.    An owner on an infected lake has a steep bank and has to transport his boat lift on a public road to get the boat lift onto his lakeshore for winter storage.

 3.    A lakeshore owner rakes vegetation off his beach and takes it on a trailer on a public     road to a landfill or transfer station.
Link to permits for a) water craft    b) water-related equipment    c) aquatic vegetation

REMINDER   Shoreland owners should check their boat lifts for adult zebra mussels, which are yellowish-tan and brown striped, and range in size from one-eighth inch to about one inch long.

People who find something they suspect is a zebra mussel, faucet snail or other aquatic invasive species should take a picture of it, keep a specimen, and report it to the nearest DNR invasive species specialist. A listing of specialists is available on the DNR’s website.