WAPOA Annual Meeting — 2017

There are several  promising invasive species developments coming out of research done at the University of Minnesota.

Our Guest Speaker at the WAPOA Annual Meeting is Dr. Nick Phelps.

There is no one more qualified to pass this exciting information on than Dr. Phelps. He knows what he is talking about.



In the coming year he will be leading the University’s Aquatic Invasive Research Center as the Director.

The speaker’s team is working on keeping your lake water free of invasive plants.  Invasive plants, algae, and animals are in the area, and spreading.

Whether our lakes remain relatively unaffected by invasive species will likely, to a large part, depend on whether the 39 scientists and researchers in this Center can come up with methods of control.

Projects are starting to bear fruit.  Working with DNR they have just sequenced the genome of the zebra mussel.  First in the world!   This opens possibilities for more discoveries and control that were not possible without that knowledge.

Dr.Phelps will be telling us what doors that exiting research opens. Take this opportunity to hear it directly.

Nick was a fast skier and full of energy when he was on the Brainerd High School Nordic Ski Team in 2001.  Now we are hoping he can help his University team of researchers as they work for more discoveries.

Saturday June 10, 2017 at Ideal Town Hall

 Doors open 07:45 — Delicious free homemade breakfast. Everyone welcome — member or not!   The business part of the meeting will be short!



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