WAPOA President Coffey at post-season AIS Meeting

WAPOA President Tony Coffey talks with County Commissioner Bill Brekken at Invasive Species Meeting.

WAPOA President Tony Coffey, along with representatives from other lake associations in the county, attended a post-season review, of the AIS inspection efforts in Crow Wing County on October 9th, 2019.

It was sponsored by Crow Wing County, the local agent administering state provided funds for AIS prevention efforts.

Gary Griffin, Land Services Supervisor led the discussion, inviting those in attendance for their opinions on how the program worked and asking for suggestions on how the program could be improved for 2020.

It seems that this year the county is involving lake associations earlier in the decision process.  Several among those attending expressed the importance of that.

Nicole Erickson, the county Environmental Service Specialist, with whom the lake associations work directly, presented data and answered questions.

In 2020, $441,715 will be available to run the program. Important decisions have to be made on the amounts dedicated to access inspections, weed treatment, and AIS public eduction efforts.

The county this year undertook the direct hiring of access inspectors.  Mr.Griffin said that alone reduced expenses for the lake associations, and from his standpoint, with the county being involved right from the beginning in the hiring and training of the inspectors, the inspectors did a better job at the access.

The County Board will vote in February, 2020 on the details of the inspection.