WAPOA Tree Sale

WAPOA Offers Discounted Trees and Shrubs to Property Owners in the Pine River Watershed

Plant a tree and protect the lakes!  WAPOA (Whitefish Area Property Owners Association) is providing trees again at a significant discount in an effort to protect water quality on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.

You can purchase 8” – 24” trees and shrubs consisting of Norway Pine (Red), White Pine, Paper Birch, White Spruce, Red Oak, and Serviceberry (Juneberry) for only 50 cents each through WAPOA’s fourth annual tree sale. 

It is well documented that lands with good tree cover protect the lakes by slowing down run-off, allowing the water to soak into the ground and reduce lake pollution from chemicals such as roadway salt and oils.  Trees and shrubs also slow down run-off containing soil, plant materials, fertilizers, and pesticides.  We are able to provide the trees and shrubs at a discounted rate to property owners through WAPOA subsidies and a state of MN cost sharing opportunity.

The discounted trees and shrubs are available in limited quantities of 50 per property owner, while supplies last.  The only restriction is that the trees are to be planted within the Pine River Watershed, including the shoreland areas of the Whitefish Chain.  We also have a limited quantity of tree tubes and stake sets for protecting the smaller plants during early growth.  The tube and stake sets are $1.00 per set.

Orders can be placed now through April 17, 2019 by contacting Jeff Laurel at email address jlaurel@tds.net, or by phone at (952) 217-9429. Pick-up trees and shrubs at Ideal Town Hall on Friday, May 10th, 1pm – 4 pm or at the Crosslake Community Center on Saturday, May 11th, 9am – noon.  It is recommended that the trees be planted within a few days of pick-up, for best growing success.

Forested lands throughout the watershed protect water quality. Therefore, WAPOA plans to sponsor this tree-planting campaign every spring.  It is our goal to do everything we can to protect our lakes.  We believe that encouraging property owners to plant these trees completes one step of the many needed to ensure our lakes are protected and remain healthy for many generations.

Please join us in these efforts by planting trees on your property!  For more information about WAPOA, the largest lake association in Minnesota, visit our website at www.wapoa.org or on Facebook at WAPOAMN.