WAPOA — Working in the Winter

WAPOA continues to work into the winter months— planning for the next summer.

The WAPOA Board met in the 2nd week of January at its usual location for Board meetings — the Ideal Community Center.

We had important things to do!

Get all our arrangements for invasive species inspections at the access finalized.

Efforts to prevent aquatic invasive species are always an important part of our meetings. That involves making significant financial decisions, and also integrating our efforts and funding with the DNR and County. During the summer the County will be coordinating 50-60 inspectors.

WAPOA will probably spend almost $40,000 on inspecting boats at accesses in 2019. We could not do it without  your contributions!


The WAPOA Board was pleased to add three new members at this meeting.  Two of them have already helped WAPOA significantly in the past.


Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz of Kimble lake, now retired, “made 18 moves” world wide while working for Cargill and somehow also found time to hike in the Himalayas and work briefly in the Whitehouse.



Patty Norgaard


Patty Norgaard, retired from Wells Fargo, a recent mayor of Crosslake, describes herself as an east North Dakota farm girl.


Tom Paulbeck


Tom Paulbeck works as a Financial Advisor in Crosslake.  He will be taking over the WAPOA Treasurer’s duties from Gary Olson who has worked in that position for many years.


Also Kristie Roedl recently joined the Board to do  Shoreland Management. She volunteers with Camp Knutson, was secretary/treasurer of the Velvet Lake Association, and was director of a non-profit preschool. From Marshalltown, Iowa she met her husband at Iowa State University.