Water Quality

      • Testing water on 38 lakes lets us see trends in water quality.
      • Publishing an annual water quality map that lets area residents and local officials know about the quality of the water in their lake.   Knowledge may spur action.
      • Sponsoring professional invasive plant inspections on nearly 40 area lakes for early detection of invasive plants. Early detection means more effective treatment.
      • Sponsoring four seminar/workshops conducted by MN DNR and USGS research biologists in summer 2015 to bring latest information to lake residents about declining lake water quality and what to do about it
      • Restoring lakeshore with native plants keeps phosphorus and sediment out of the water.    Less algae, more fish
      • Educating shoreline owners about stopping rainwater runoff with rain gardens and buffer strips of natural vegetation
      • Promoting proper septic system management through education of shoreline owners including septic system workshops
      • Working with upstream farmers as we look at all sources of water flowing into the lake; so the Harvest Dinner and support of the Pine River Watershed Alliance.
      • Inspecting boats for invasive species in order to keep the natural balance of the lakes.
      • Working for shoreline policies that permit only shoreline uses and activities that result in clean water.
      • Maintaining focus on the two most important issues:  water quality and invasive species
      • Sponsoring a 2nd Annual (2015) WAPOA AIS end-of-season meeting, in collaboration with Crow Wing County Land Services, for a review of multi-county AIS efforts in an effort for constant tuning and improvement .
      • Making seedling trees available at a greatly discounted rate to encourage reforestation which leads to better downstream water.

WAPOA measures water quality on 38 lakes Secchi disc portion of water testing This MN PCA photo shows the use of a Secchi disc which provides 1/3 of the TSI water quality score. WAPOA  volunteers regularly use this disc to measure water clarity and they also take water samples which are sent for laboratory testing.




2017 + 2019 Water Quality Maps. ThumbnailTSI2010 WAPOA measures water quality on 38 area lakes. See how your lake is doing.