Working through the winter!

The summer visitors have gone and the 13 lakes of the Whitefish Chain are covered by ice, but WAPOA is finding it a great time to continue our planning efforts for 2020.

Breakout group at October WAPOA Annual Planning Meeting

Breakout group at WAPOA October Annual Planning Meeting

October 22, 2019  Yearly Planning Meeting held at Camp Knutson. A review of our activities for the year: what worked, what could be improved, and what could be added.  Outside experts made presentations.

November 21, 2019  Richard Smith of Friends of the Headwaters presented the current status of the proposed Enbridge pipeline.  There was a large turn-out for this presentation.



WAPOA November 2019 Board Meeting

November 21, 2019  WAPOA Board Meeting

January 3, 2020  Executive Committee Meeting

January 3, 2020  Meeting with Land Services at Crow Wing County to present our analysis and recommendations for their proposal on the functioning of the county-wide access inspection program.

January 9, 2020  Regular WAPOA Board Meeting

January to March: Formulating our Aquatic Invasive Species Inspection budget. Back and forth communication about budget and schedules with County, DNR, and Corps of Engineers, and other lake associations.

May 1,2020 Executive Committee Meeting

May 28, 2020  Regular Board Meeting


*Sharp-eyed observers on Lower Hay report that it was completely covered with ice on December 5, 2019.